Bookmark any web page form field and quickly access it from the browser address bar. Below is an example of how you could bookmark the Computer Home search and quickly search for help anytime.

  • Right-click on the search box in the top left portion of this window.
  • Click “Add a keyword for this search”.
  • In the Add bookmark window, type any name or leave it blank and for the keyword make it something simple and easy to remember. For example: “CH” for “Computer Hope” and click Ok.
Now in your address bar you can type: “CH” and then anything you need help with. For Example: “CH motherboard” would open the search results for motherboard.

Printing web pages can be tricky because often the lines of text are clipped off, leaving you to guess at what was removed.

If this happens, you can fix it by printing them in landscape orientation. This turns a standard 8x 11 page on its side so that the long side is on the bottom. When you print a web page in this orientation the lines of text usually do not get clipped.

  • Open Internet Explorer. Click File on the Menu Bar and then select ‘Page Setup’.
  • In the lower left hand corner of the page that opens you’ll see the Orientation area.
  • Select Landscape, Click Ok and then print the page as you normally would.

  • Open Internet Explorer and Click Tools on the menu bar.
  • Select “Internet Options” form the menu that appears and the “Internet Options” window opens as shown here.
  • There are a number of tabs at the top. Select the General Tab, if not already selected.
  • Near the top of the General page, you will see the Homepage area.
  • Click the “Use Current”, button and delete the address that appears in the Address box.
  • Type in or paste in the complete web address (URL) of the page you want as your new home page.
  • Click Ok and you’re done!

Have you ever opened a web page in Internet Explorer only to find red ex.’s in place of the picture?

This can happen when the settings in your Internet Explorer are changed for whatever reason. The correct settings for showing pictures in Internet Explorer are:

  • Click Tools, ‘Internet Options” and then the Advanced tab.
  • Scroll down to the Multimedia section of the list that is displayed and check the box next to ‘Show Pictures’.
  • Click Ok to complete.

  • To display your Favorites list in the left pane of Internet Explorer click the Favorites button on the Standard Toolbar of Internet Explorer.
  • The Favorites list appears in the left pane of your browser and will each time you open Internet Explorer until it is deselected.
  • If the Favorites button is not visible for some reason, the following sequence will display your favorites list: Click View, ‘Explorer Bar’ and then Favorites.

The most commonly used feature in Internet Browser is the back button. However, all browsers also have a small down arrow to the right of the buttons (as shown in the below picture). This button allows you to see the history of the last 5-10 pages you’ve visited and quickly get back to them. This feature is especially helpful for those pesky pages that forward you back to a page each time you press the back button or for when you wish to move back several pages but don’t want to have to press the back button several times.


If you’ve visited a web page in the past but forgot to bookmark it when you were there, that page can be quickly and found by searching your browser history. To search your Internet browsers history press Ctrl + H or Apple + H to open the browsers history. Once in the browser history window type a keyword that you remember about the page. For example, searching for computer would find Computer Hope and any other computer related pages you’ve recently visited.


Make your Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox the full screen without all the toolbars by pressing the F11 key. To restore the window back to how it was press F11 again.

Save on your printer ink by selectively printing in Windows Programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet Explorer (and other browser), WordPad, Outlook etc. to do these highlight portions of text you wish to print and click the Print icon or option in the File menu. In the printer dialog window (like the one shown below) under Page Range choose the option Selection.

Quickly bookmark any web page in all major browsers by pressing Ctrl + D on your keyboard. Pressing these two keys together will open the bookmarks or favorites for your browser and allow you to quickly place a bookmark for the page you’re currently at. For example, pressing the two keys now would bookmark this page.