• A power supply is installed in the back corner of the PC Case, next to the motherboard.
  • It converts 120vac (Stand House Power) into DC voltages that are used by other components in the PC.
  • A 20 conductor cable carries +5vdc, -5vdc +12vdc, -12vdc and ground to the motherboard.
  • Another pair of cables, each with four conductors and two 4-pin connectors daisy-chained along it, carry +5vdc, +12vdc and ground to the drives (hard, floppy and CD/DVD).
  • Typical PC power supplies are rated at 200-250 watts and sell for about $50-$70. Higher wattage supplies are available.

3/26/2016 11:02:41 pm

The company deploys smart grid technology: it fixes "smart meters" at the customer's place to remotely monitor quality and quantity of supply and real time increase in demand.


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