A program called Search can help you locate Files and Folders on your PC.

  1. Click Start, Search and the ‘Search Results’ window opens.
  2. On the left side of the window, click the ‘All Files and Folders’ link and three fill-in boxes are displayed in the window:
a) In the box labeled ‘All or part of the file name’ type in the full or partial file name you want to locate.

b) You can optionally search for text within each file by entering the text you want to search for in the box labeled ‘A word or phrase in the file’.

Note: If you look for files by file name and text within the file, then only files matching both conditions will be found.

c) Click the arrow at the right side of the box labeled “Look In’ and in the drop-down list that opens, select the drive(s) you want to search in. If you want to search all folders in the drive you select, check the ‘Include subfolders’ check box.

  1. Click the 'Search' button and all files and folders matching your search conditions appear in a list. The path of each folder and file is also displayed

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