• The first thing you can do is get your kid’s user name and password so that you can log into their profile at any time and see what messages and conversations they’ve been sending. If they are not happy with this, then don’t let them have an account.
  • Another tactic to approach when deciding what age is too young for Facebook is to install surveillance software on your computer. Much like a Fortune 500 company tracks every trade proposal their salespeople are sending in Fantasy Football, you can monitor every single keystroke with some relatively inexpensive software.
  • Do not let your child be friends with people out of their age group. For example my 13 year old daughter is friends with my 18 year old next door neighbor, nice boy and all, but is talking about things I would prefer my daughter not to see.
  • The child must personally know the people they are friends with. Not a friend they met online. We all know how easy it is to make a fake profile, and just be aware that anyone can do it!
  • If you’ve tried but eventually decided your little one is too young for Facebook, just block the site on your computer with an administrative password.
  • Even with all the latest advances in technology nothing will ever top a good game of catch or monopoly. Being too young for Facebook could be a good thing.

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