Google AdSense is a simple and absolutely free method for website owners, bloggers and ad publishers to earn money by placing and integrating Google ads into their websites or blogs. Google has these facilities whereby you can earn revenue that is generated from your website when people search from your site, resulting in Google ads being displayed in the search results, which can help monetize the website.

Google AdSense offers the owner the facility of customized ads where the ads are of the same compatible level as that of the website, so targeted ads will increase the revenue of your website. You can choose the placement of your ads, making it suitable for the aesthetic view of the website and not cluttered and also get online reports that actually track your earning in real time, for the benefit of the owner.

Once the month is completed, Google will issue checks or pay you through payment processors of great reputation so that you can get your money without any hassles. The money is collected via the billing of those companies which Google had spaced out their ads to, and after the payment is made to Google, Google takes the initiative to pay the owners of that website with the money.

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