Open Windows Explorer

You can find Windows Explorer by going to 'Start', then 'Programs'. If you don't see it in 'Programs' then look in 'Accessories'. Double click the Windows Explorer icon and it will open.

Viewing Folders and Files

On the left side of Windows Explorer you will see a section called 'Folders'. Normally under Folders you should see at a minimum:

  1. My Computer
  2. My Network Place
  3. Recycle Bin
  4. My Documents
To see the all the drives on your PC, click on 'My Computer'. Typically you will have listed:

  1. 3-1/2 inch Floppy (A:)
  2. Hard drive (C:)
  3. CD or DVD (D:)
  4. Control Panel icon.
Click the drive you want and all the folders for it become accessible.

Copying Files and Folders:

  1. Navigate to the folder or file that you want to copy. And place your cursor over the file or folder you want to copy, then right-click your mouse.
  2. Select copy from the menu that appears.
  3. Now place your cursor over the destination folder and again right-click your mouse. This time select paste from the menu.
  4. That's it! The item is copied to the destination folder.

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