Basically Google AdSense is a Google program where pay per clicks are hosted on your website and when someone clicks the ad, you would earn money. Hence it’s a great revenue making opportunity for small, medium websites. Running a website so as to only earn money by Google AdSense is against the policies of Google AdSense, hence one has to include affiliate links or must sell one’s own products too. The money you earn by Google AdSense depends on the traffic towards your website and also how relevant and attractive the advertisements are.

Making money online with Google AdSense is the easiest way of earning money. It gives $0 in the first month, but the pay increases by $100 every month. Sky is the limit to earn money by using Google AdSense. The only disadvantage being, very less profit is earned during the initial stages. You are just four steps behind earning money and they are performing keyword search and selection of the best articles based on the keyword and SEO friendly websites are to be built for which links are to be provided ( for increasing the page rank of the website).

One doesn’t have to know how to write good articles and this gives us to do another form of business called affiliated marketing since, you learn how to generate traffic towards your website from search engines. One has to join Google AdSense program by joining them at http://adSense.google.com/ and paste the html code on the page where you want to show the ads. If the content for advertisement described and the content on the page matches, you will have higher chances of large number of clicks. Ads can be displayed horizontally or vertically. On any website quality is most important and pop-ups pr pop-under is rejected. If you register your website with a free domain hostage, your website is likely to have pop-ups, hence get a paid domain. Include large number of keywords and increase the traffic or you can make money by referring to Google’s products such as AdSense, adwords etc to the users who visit your page.

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