A year back, a history was created in the segment of the Technology world; Windows 7 was released worldwide. No doubt that it was (and even it is) one of the best operating systems in the World with a competition with Apple’s Mac. Before the launch, its stunning graphics, cool features and the hard work Microsoft Team did even make the company itself; Microsoft to release a site to allow everyone to experience Windows 7 online without buying it and then the RT builds.

With a sale of 240 million legal copies of Windows in a year, still more than 40% of the PC users still have the pirated Windows 7 or the RT builds installed in their Pcs, which surely would only not increase the risk of getting infected by Viruses, but would also not give them a right to enjoy Windows Updates and newly launched features. Updates and features are other case, but in the pirated cases Windows also starts showing a ‘Remove WGA’ message, which seriously sucks and could surely annoy big time anyone, while he is operating the PC.

If you are one of the users, you would know that how does it feels. Well, being honest I was once one too. Today here at Extreme Tricks, I am going to share about an application, just a small one, which can help you make your Windows 7 genuine easily without taking much time.
Making Windows genuine is easy could make your PC better, but remember it is illegal and Microsoft could sue you for it, maybe with or without notice. We do not support piracy, being geeks I used this software to just extend my trial period and see whether Windows 7 is crack (able) or not. TRY THIS ON YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY.

Remove Wat: is the name of the application, which is developed by Hazar and nononsence and could easily make Windows 7 genuine in just one click without any further process or something. It helps remove Windows Activation Technologies (also known as WAT files) from the Pcs to make the Windows genuine by which you can validate the Windows. It’s totally free, virus free and works like a charm.

Remove Wat Download Link

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